Our resources can be accessed below and on our sidebar, organized by grade level and subject area. As we continue to post new reviewed resources, you can view them alphabetically in the A-Z SECTION of our website.

By Grade Level: By Subject Area:
Early ChildhoodK-5



Higher Education

EnglishFine Arts



Social Studies

You can subscribe to our posts by email in the sidebar to get notice whenever we update or add new resources. Each one of our resources has a rating bar at the bottom so educators using these on their own can rate them as well.


  1. We assign resources to reviewers – every resource is reviewed by 2 reviewers to get differing opinions and perspectives.
  2. Reviewers have one month to utilize the resource in their classroom and evaluate them.
  3. We synthesize the reviews and upload the resource onto the website!


  • Overall Rating – Overall, how useful/effective was this resource?
    1 (Poor) —————————> 5 (Excellent)
  • Student Response – How did students react to this resource?
    1 (Negatively)  ——————–> 5 (Positively)
  • Repeatability – How likely are you to use this resource again?
    1 (Unlikely)  ———————-> 5 (Highly Likely)
  • Ease of Use – How easy to use was this resource?
    1 (Difficult) ———————–> 5 (Easy)
  • Set-Up Time – What was the preparation process for this resource like in terms of time?
    1 (Short) ————————–> 5 (Lengthy)
  • Tech Skills – What kind of technological skills does this resource require?
    1 (Basic) —————————> 5 (Expert)


Aditi Rao earned her B.A. in English at the University of Texas at Austin, where she simultaneously received her certification to teach English Language Arts to grades 8-12. The culmination of her undergraduate career resulted in a faculty directed study on the implications of developing the skill of empathy in educational settings, centered on research she conducted in Ahmedabad, India. Prior to arriving in Baltimore, Aditi interned at Breakthrough Collaborative, where she developed a college education program while working with colleagues to bridge the gap for inner-city Houston youth. Aditi currently teaches PSAT, SAT and ACT preparation courses through Kaplan, Inc. and is pursuing a MSEd at Johns Hopkins University through the Technology for Educators program.

Aditi hopes to facilitate the use of emerging technologies in the classroom through her work at New Horizons for Learning.

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  2. […] HomeA-ZAboutContact UsGet InvolvedNew Horizons for LearningReviewer Team […]

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