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Educational Technology Resource Database Volunteer Opportunities

Our users visit New Horizons for Learning from all over the globe and bring a wealth of experience. As we move forward with this initiative, our users will be the key to this project’s success. After all, whose reviews would you trust? Most likely motivated teachers, with experience in your subject area, who have tested the educational technology resources in their classrooms.

Please consider applying for the volunteer opportunity below, submitting a resource you would like our team to review, or sharing your experiences with a technology resource that has made a difference in your classroom or school.

    New Horizons for Learning is expanding our team of reviewers in six subject areas: English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Math, Science and Social Studies. Reviewers will be asked to try educational technology resources in their classrooms and evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency while providing valuable tips for user implementation. Strong writing skills, content knowledge, ability to meet deadlines, and an interest in educational technology are musts. Most importantly, interested applicants should be genuinely interested in contributing their voice to help New Horizons for Learning develop a database to increase the ease and efficiency with which their colleagues can access resources to aid educational technology implementation.

For more information, please email with your subject area, and educational background.


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